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Villa for sale 533m in Aswar Residence - New Cairo

  • Room 4
  • Baths 2
  • Year Built / Deliver Year 2021
  • Finish Type EXTRA_SUPER_LUX
  • View Garden
  • Size (in meters) 533 M²
  • Listing ID EG-2811964
  • Price 14,942,605 EGP
  • Seller Role Developer
  • Payment Method Cash or Installments
  • Price Per Meter 28,035 EGP/M²
  • Listing Description

    New Cairo is overlooking us again with its huge projects and distinguished services that made it the first choice for many real estate and investment companies and businessmen to establish residential compounds in them, of which Aswar Compound is one of the most important.

    Information About Aswar Compound in New Cairo

    Aswar New Cairo compound has been given great attention to details in terms of design ingenuity and accuracy of implementation, and this is one of the greatest reasons that attracted many lovers of luxury designs and genius decorations to the compound.

    The stages and each group of these villas have its service area, along with several gardens, parks, swimming pools, tracks dedicated to walking, running, and cycling, and places for cycling, so that each group of villas is surrounded by the services you need to make the integrated city look like.

    You can choose from a lot of designs and decorations for your villa, where you can choose a fully-finished villa and a semi-finished villa, and all units within Aswar New Cairo are fully equipped.

    Features of Aswar Compound: Privacy and A Clean Environment

    Aswar New Cairo Compound has a large number of features that encourage many customers looking for a different and distinguished life to seek to own their units, and through the following lines, we will show you a number of them.

    Privacy in Aswar Residence

    As Aswar Compound contains one type of residential unit, which is villas, which is the most type of housing unit that offers its owners a lot of luxury, privacy, and enjoyment of independent life, however, Aswar Compound also made sure to leave appropriate distances between each residential villa and another to give its residents more Privacy and quiet.

    Views of Villas and Apartments on Water Bodies and Greeneries

    All residential units, especially villas, have wonderful views, whether on vast green spaces that are gardens and parks or water bodies such as swimming pools, artificial lakes, or water fountains, so you will find yourself in a wonderful place that resembles paradise.

    Clean Environment

    As a result of the large spread of trees and gardens, this controlled the rise in temperatures and made the entire compound in a state of calm, purity, and a refreshing atmosphere that is free of any pollutants.

    High Level of Security

    Aswar Residence in New Cairo was able to provide the highest levels of security and safety for the residents residing in the compound, by providing many security personnel, many surveillance cameras, alarms, and others.

    Various Services in Aswar Compound

    Aswar Compound in New Cairo succeeded in providing a range of services that were able to make the residents residing in the compound enjoy a quiet, stable, and happy life.

    This led to an increase in the number of residents coming to Aswar Compound and choosing it among many other residential compounds, and among the most prominent services:

    Recreational Activities

    Aswar compound provided a large number of forms of recreation and entertainment for adults and children, and this is represented in wonderful places dedicated to sitting amidst the gardens and parks within the compound.

    These green spaces gave the residential units wonderful views, in addition to several recreational activities for children and game areas that were provided With many activities that help the child raise his IQ and utilize his energy and activity in a safe place.

    World-class Swimming Pools and Artificial Lakes

    Swimming pools are among the most popular places for adults and children in summer and winter, so Aswar Compound has taken care of providing different shapes and sizes of swimming pools to suit everyone, and many artificial lakes have been carefully distributed in different parts of the compound to add a wonderful aesthetic touch to the place.

    Exercising in Private Places

    Aswar New Cairo Compound was interested in providing all the means that provide its residents with the possibility to exercise their sports, whether in gyms with several modern devices to maintain fitness professionally, or by providing dedicated tracks for walking, running, exercising, and cycling in private places far from walking places cars or pedestrians.

    Designated Parking Lots

    Aswar Compound has allocated a large place for cars to be a garage that preserves the cars of residents or visitors to the compound to reduce any traffic congestion that may occur in the streets of the compound and cause distortion of the general view and affect the system of the compound.

    International and Local Brands

    If you love to enjoy trying new dishes and delicious meals with excellent service in a great atmosphere.

    Aswar Compound offers you a wide range of the finest restaurants and cafes for a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Aswar Compound includes a large group of shops that are famous for selling local and international brands, as well as household items that every home needs.

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533 M²
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